My name is Aisuluu and I am the founder of Magicnetica.



I am a mom myself and as every parent, I like to find new toys for my daughter Kanykei.

      When we started learning letters with her, I looked for more ways to implement letter recognition in our house. My daughter, like every child, was fascinated by magnets, so I wanted to find a magnetic ABC toy that would be colorful, fun and, of course, safe to play with. 

      The letters I found had bland colors and exposed magnets. They were indeed cheap, but with magnets falling off and pieces being lost, since we didn’t value them, I figured I would have to go through countless additional letters before my daughter begins to read.

     I decided to try to make a totally new alphabet puzzle. I wanted to combine properties that I like in toys myself: multifunctionality, safety and the "wow!" factor.

At the same time, from the very beginning, I knew that I would be making my puzzles in the USA: I love to support US-made products myself, and with toys especially - it is the best way to ensure quality control on every step of the production.

     Since then, we (and by "we" I mean my dream team - my family) have come a long way: prototyping, trying different materials, finding suppliers, prototyping again...

        Now we are happy to share our awesome toys with families like our own!




I really, really hope your kids will love their Magicnetica puzzles!