My name is Aisuluu and I am the founder of Magicnetica.



I am:

                                                    -  an immigrant
                                                    -  an anti-tiger mom
                                                    -  The Office binger
                                                    -  an avid toy-lover

I have a daughter, Kanykei, and she is an awesome kid. (Seriously. Not one store tantrum in 5 years). 

However, when she was born, my parenthood journey began with a lot of tears.

(My tears).

I was lost and helpless and barely remember most of the early stuff, to be honest.

Then, when she began to resemble more a human than a caterpillar (kidding) - I became very interested in early education and beautiful children toys. 

 When we started learning letters with Kanykei, I looked for more ways to implement letter recognition for her.

(Poor kiddo had to learn 2 different alphabets after all).

Like every child (and, let's be real - adults too), she was fascinated by magnets. I still am not sure how exactly they work though.

So I wanted to find a magnetic alphabet toy that would pass my "internal toy test".

The ones I found... Made me go "meh".
Bland, exposing magnets, cheap looking. 
They were indeed inexpensive, but with magnets falling off and pieces being lost, since we didn’t value them, I figured I would have to go through countless additional letters before my daughter begins to read.
I decided to try to make something new.
Something beautiful.
Something "wow"!



At the same time, I knew that I would be making it in the US.

Personally, I love to support US-made products.

Especially toys, of course - it is the best way to ensure quality control on every step of the production.

       Since that "Aisuluu's crazy idea" stage we (and by "we" I mean my family, not 50+ people fancy startup) have come a long way: prototyping, trying different materials, finding suppliers, prototyping again...

        Now I am honored and happy to be making toys and educational materials for families all over the world!


We are blessed to have our kids so we can look at and rediscover all wonders of this world through their eyes.

Read, laugh, explore, learn, and also - let them play.




I would love to hear from you.

Please write at support@magicnetica.com with any questions, concerns or inquiries.  

Thank you for visiting my store and supporting small business.



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